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Automation Task Overview - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Test In DSM 6.2, we aim to provide better IT management flexibility and usability in every aspect. The new Advanced LUN, Iscsi Manager, and Storage Manager take management efficiency to a whole new level. Note: IBM SoftLayer appends a domain name to the hostname you provide. By default, CloudBolt will append ‘example.com’. For example, if you provide ‘president’ as the hostname, the FQDN will become ‘president.example.com’. Contact CloudBolt… BuyVM.net has new KVM based VPS hosting plans using Intel Xeon E3-1270v3 3.5Ghz based processors in their Las Vegas location ! Fran from BuyVM.net was << Back to Getting Started with IBM UrbanCode Deploy and Containers If you have looked at the tutorials and examples regarding the usage of the Kubernetes plug-in for UrbanCode Deploy, you have seen how the plug-in’s Process YAML File step Terraform IBM provider https://ibm-cloud.github.io/tf-ibm-docs/v0.17.4/ - IBM-Cloud/terraform-provider-ibm

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3 Apr 2019 CacheFly Location: CDN wget -O /dev/null http://cachefly.cachefly.net/100mb.test SoftLayer Location: USA and Amsterdam wget -O /dev/null  4 Jun 2014 $curl -o /dev/null http://speedtest.sea01.softlayer.com/downloads/test100.zip. The first thing to point out is that we're using a test file from  31 Jul 2013 Test Internet Connection Speed from the Command Line. This is The first trick is to use curl, which is able to download remote files from just about curl -o /dev/null http://speedtest.wdc01.softlayer.com/downloads/test10.zip. So I would like to repeatedly run a command to test the speed. Various suggest using the wget command to download a small file. e.g. wget -O /dev/null http://speedtest.wdc01.softlayer.com/downloads/test10.zip from within MobaXterm or the  Download: 32.29 Mbit/s Testing upload speed. wget --output-document=/dev/null http://speedtest.wdc01.softlayer.com/downloads/test500.zip To use it just point to a file in internet that is relatively bigger so that you can get 

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Unfortunately the download speed test conducted met the limitations of my own 100Mb/s connection — I could download the sample 100MB file hosted in Chicago, at an average speed of 39MB/s from the other half of the United States. Technology Assets interviews and news for IT professionals in Canada.GitHub - freeminder/ucli: Universal CLI for cloud providershttps://github.com/freeminder/ucliUniversal CLI for cloud providers. Contribute to freeminder/ucli development by creating an account on GitHub. A tool for dynamically deploying spark clusters. Contribute to ibm-dev-incubator/dsxspark development by creating an account on GitHub. Contribute to vmag/testspeed development by creating an account on GitHub.

To use most commands your SoftLayer username and api_key need to be configured. The easiest way to do that is to use: 'sl config setup'

AYKsolutions speed testing: to test download speeds from our data centers, please select one of the following files that corresponds to the required datacenter you wish to test. Softlayer: 100mb. Denver, CO, 100mb. Los Angeles, CA, 100mb. Project Transparency: ChmuraNet Network Test Page. These tests allow Or Download 1GB Test File From ChmuraNet Test Bed VPS. There are currently 1 

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Brandable, dropbox-like access solution for IBM SoftLayer OpenStack Swift Object Storage, with drive mapping, sync & share, team collaboration and mobile access features. Free white paper for service providers.

File sl_config.yml should contain parameters required for provisioning on the SoftLayer cloud. Edit sl_config.yml.template and save it as sl_config.yml. An Ember CLI Addon that provides the ability to lookup a dictionary value either through method calls or via a component in your templates. - softlayer/sl-ember-translate